Administrative disputes are a category of cases in the field of administrative offenses, as well as disputes in the sphere of violation by the state bodies of the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities.

Administrative liability is provided for in the Administrative Code if the fault of the offender is proved, and the offender himself is not obliged to prove this. This category of cases is considered by the court and executive bodies. A decree on administrative offenses may be contested within 10 days from the date of delivery or after receipt of a copy thereof. If the deadline was missed, the procedure must be started again.

The most common cases related to bringing to administrative responsibility:

– Violation of traffic rules;

– Offenses in the sphere of economic activity and migration legislation;

– Illegal refusal to realize human rights.

Counsel for Administrative Cases

Protection in administrative disputes may be exercised by legal representatives. Therefore, it is better to use the help of an attorney for administrative matters. SC “MARZONI AVVOCATO” provides such types of services:

– Preparation of procedural documents;

– Provision of legal advice;

– Assistance in collecting evidence in the case;

– Administrative business;

– Representation of clients in court;

– Appealing decisions.

The legal assistance of an attorney for administrative matters consists in the cancellation of the ruling and the withdrawal of the charges from the client. Judicial practice in this category of cases is rather inconsistent, because individuals who are accused of crimes are trying to solve the problem on their own, although in this case it is better to entrust the matter to a lawyer. In addition, officials in the preparation of protocols on administrative violations allow significant violations. Such protocols need to be canceled because they are illegal. As an advocate for administrative matters, MARZONI AVVOCATO can help protect your interests at any stage of the trial or stage in the process of administrative violations.

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