Due to vital circumstances, the court does not always make a decision in your favor or you do not agree with its decision. Based on the relevant rules, you can appeal the decision of the court. The decision of the lower court can be overruled by a higher court. Most often, the grounds for cancellation of the decision is the incorrect application of procedural rules, as well as the violation of the procedure for the consideration of the case. In this case, appeal of the court decisions is possible.

Appeal against court decisions

Challenging decisions is governed by the civil legislation of Ukraine. Every citizen has the right to appeal to a court and appeal his decision in a higher court. In this case, you can appeal to the appellate and cassation instance. The process and procedure for appealing depends on whether the decision entered into legal force or not.

The legislation provides an appeal period of 10 days, during which it is also possible to appeal those documents that have not yet entered into legal force (decisions and rulings of local and appellate courts). It is necessary to try to have time to appeal the decision in these 10 days, so then you can not achieve anything at all, and you can restore the period only for valid reasons.

In practice, in a situation that requires appeal, it is better to contact an experienced lawyer. This is necessary due to the fact that if you yourself have already lost the case in court, then you must appeal it correctly, referring to the legislative base. Appealing a decision is quite a complicated process, so here practice and experience are needed in order to win the case.

If you have any questions of this kind, please contact “MARZONI AVVOCATO”, who will provide you with legal advice, and will represent the interests of the client in a court of various instances. A lawyer will help you prevent legal errors at any stage of the appeal.

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