Banking disputes

Do you need a good lawyer for banking in Kharkov? Referring to the help of “MARZONI AVVOCATO”, you can be sure in getting a competent legal advice from any bank disputes.

An appeal to a lawyer from banking matters is necessary in the following case:

1. Credit borrowers: if they do not have the opportunity to repay the loan in a timely manner, if they dispute the terms of the loan, want to lower the interest rate, then the bank employees act illegally.

2. Current and potential banking clients: when a contract is concluded with a banking organization, when disputes are disputed, when the conditions of an existing agreement are disputed, the problems are resolved, related to which party does not comply with the terms of the contract. There are also other situations in which legal intervention is necessary.

3. Banking and financial institutions: when agreements are concluded with banking organizations, including between several banks, when there are credit disputes (if contractual conditions are not met), or other cases.

Credit disputes: cooperation with banks

If you plan to cooperate with a banking organization, getting timely qualified lawyer help will save you from negative consequences. After the analysis of the contract or other documents, the bank lawyer will provide advice on all possible risks, as well as advise what to do in this or that situation in the event of a dispute with the bank.

The Banking Advocate provides the following services:

1. Advice on banking matters;

2. Analysis of signed contracts;

3. Writing of applications, complaints to the authorized body;

4. Protection (representation) of the client’s interests in court.

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