Civil disputes .

Civil disputes – a category of cases arising from civil law relations. Consideration of civil disputes is numerous in the courts. For successful work in this area, a lawyer needs to have a wealth of knowledge, to know all the nuances of civil law. As a lawyer for civil disputes, Marcion Dmitry Grigorievich attentively treats all the case materials, studies them in detail, using the current legislation and established practice. Therefore, it is possible to say with certainty the participation of a lawyer in a civil case – its successful consideration. The following are the subjects of civil disputes:

– Problems with debts, loans;

– Issues of compensation for material and moral harm;

– Property division;

– The issue of termination of civil contracts;

– Disputes concerning the protection of consumers’ rights;

– Return of property in illegal use by third parties;

– Other civil disputes, the jurisdiction of which relates to the civil process.

Counsel in the Civil Procedure

As a lawyer in the civil process, Marzoni avvocato will not only help you in mitigating punishment, but will also provide an opportunity to receive compensation from the offender. Based on a properly constructed strategy by a lawyer in the civil process, you can avoid punishment or reduce it to a minimum.

An experienced lawyer will help in solving the following issues:

– Providing legal assistance at any stage of the civil process;

– Assistance in solving the case on a pre-trial basis;

– Legal conclusion of documents;

– Preparation of documents as evidence base;

– Representation of interests in court;

– Assistance in appealing against actions of state executors.

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