Compensation for harm

Everyone is faced with a situation where his personal or property rights were violated. In this case, you can apply to the court to recover moral or material damage. The court individually determines the level of damage inflicted and the amount of compensation, and an experienced lawyer will lead the case with the maximum benefit for you.

Moral damage

Compensation for moral damage is a complex matter, requiring careful study. It is very difficult to assess the moral damage caused, in contrast to the material damage, which is easy to assess the cost of damaged property. Compensation for moral damage is also complicated by the fact that no one wants to bear responsibility for the harm done, and therefore to compensate for the consequences. In this situation, you do not need to shut yourself up and accumulate a sense of resentment and injustice. It is necessary to apply to a lawyer who has a positive experience in conducting such cases.

Material damage

Caused material damage is easy to assess, because each thing has its value. The competent legal assistance consists in carefully studying the case materials, assessing its prospects and correctly calculating the amount of material damage. Our company provides such services in such cases:

• Preparation of a statement of claim;

• Active participation in the negotiation process;

• Protection of client’s interests in court proceedings.

Our specialists are focused on the peaceful resolution of this issue through negotiations, and if necessary, are ready to represent your interests in court.

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