Violation of consumer rights in our time can be found quite often. Producers and sellers sell consumer goods of inadequate quality or provide services, the quality of which does not stand up to criticism. In this case, it is necessary to act in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. Consumer protection in judicial and pre-trial order is the only solution to restore violated rights.

Remember! To protect the rights of consumers, it is best to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

Protection of consumer rights in Kharkov

Protection of consumer rights in Kharkiv provides for the settlement of disputes of this nature through the involvement of a qualified lawyer, therefore, most often manufacturers are ignorant of the laws of their consumers in order not to pay the damage.

The advocate for the protection of consumer rights will provide the following services:

• Providing advice on violations of consumer rights;

• Assistance in drawing up claims for the purchase of goods of inadequate quality;

• Assistance in resolving disputes between the seller and the consumer in pre-trial order;

• Representation of client’s interests in court from issues of consumer protection in Kharkov;

• Legal assessment and analysis of the contract in order to verify compliance of its content with the norms of the current legislation;

• Assistance in facilitating independent examination of services and goods;

• Gathering the necessary information about the product that harms the health and life of the consumer;

• Notification of authorized bodies on non-conformity of goods of appropriate quality;

• Assistance in gathering evidence and transferring materials to court;

• Assistance in obtaining material and moral compensation for the harm caused to health;

• Legal support of clients in courts;

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