Corporate disputes are disputable situations arising between founders or employees of the enterprise. Lawyers of JC “Marzoni avvocato” provide services in resolving corporate disputes between shareholders, founders of the company, investors.

Corporate disputes are among the most complex processes of legal disputes, because quite often the procedure is complicated by personal conflict relations between the parties.

The complexity of these conflicts is that the parties have a complex issue of dispute, that is, they encroach on the share capital, on the company’s total capital, and even on the debts of the company, so that in the future, for example, it can lead to bankruptcy. During the trial, there may be criminal prosecution of the parties, so in this case it is very important to build a proper and effective line of defense.

Corporate disputes

Specialists of the Marzoni Avvocato legal company on corporate disputes will provide you with qualified legal advice on the following issues:

• legislation in the sphere of joint-stock companies;

• Interpret the necessary problem issues and provide solutions;

• assistance in pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• preparation of a statement of claim, as well as other procedural documents necessary for the resolution of corporate disputes;

• Representing your interests in court;

• Support of the transaction on behalf of the legal entity, as well as provision of legal conclusion of contracts.

As a rule, on the side of the enterprise there is always a powerful defense. Using a competently built legal position of the defense line, you can win the case in court. After all, you will agree, the result will be quite different when the specialist enters the case. His participation in the case will significantly increase your chances of success.

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