Practice in conducting criminal cases has a high level of importance because the lawyer must protect his clients who are suspected of murder or committing particularly serious crimes that are suitable for criminal liability. The future of the victims depends solely on themselves, on the lawyer, under whose protection they are, and on the results of the investigation. Based on the collected evidence, the court makes a decision.

Counsel for Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are a complex field of jurisprudence dealing exclusively with criminal offenses. The court’s decision – justify or blame the defendant – largely depends on the lawyer. First, the lawyer should develop the correct concept of conducting the case, which will lead to the justification of his client, and also to choose the right defense tactics in the trial.

To carry out comprehensive, impenetrable defense, the lawyer must collect all the necessary evidence so that when he submits them to the court he can remove all charges from the defendant. But it must be taken into account that the defendant should help as much as possible in collecting evidence on this case, and not wait for the information he receives from the investigation. Only then can the decision end in his favor.

Years of experience, as well as the experience gained in the criminal proceedings of our company’s lawyers, who know all the details of the conduct of the ship’s investigation, will help to correctly distribute the evidence and win the court by removing all the charges from his client.

Lawyers of the legal company ” Marzoni avvocato ” can help in such matters:

– consulting on legal issues;

– protection of the client and his interests in the local court, as well as at the appellate stage and the cassation stage;

– representation of the interests of all witnesses and victims;

– Protection in the European Court of Human Rights;

– the legal issue for the removal of criminal records and, if possible, parole.

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