One of the integral stages of successful business is the conclusion of a contract. By signing the contract, you can protect your assets, guarantee fairness in conducting business negotiations. After all, there is no other way to provide reliable protection for yourself and your family.

Conclusion of a contract is a complex process, it requires care and scrupulousness. Therefore, a lawyer should seek help directly when concluding contracts and conducting negotiations. After all, in the event of unfavorable circumstances, a trial may begin. And with the correct and legally competent drafting of the contract, you have a guarantee to win the case in court.

Stages of drafting contracts:

1. Providing advice to the client, getting to know the situation and determining the nature of the contract.

2. Selection of the legal framework for drafting the contract.

3. Drawing up a contract with the participation of the client.

4. Interpretation of each clause of the contract to the client.

5. Separate the individual provisions, through which you can break the contract.

The law firm “Marzoni avvocato” works with any contracts:

– contract of sale;

– lease contract;

– agreement on the provision of services;

– contract of gift;

– work agreement;

– loan agreement;

– preliminary agreement;

– employment contracts;

– international agreements.

To get advice on drafting a contract and its analysis, you can contact our lawyers.

A lawyer can help with the procedure for registering contracts:

– lease agreement for a long term;

– contract of gift;

– barter agreement;

– contract of sale and purchase of premises;

– Mortgage agreement.

To protect your interests and your business when signing contracts, contact an experienced specialist who will help you in drafting a competent contract.

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