Economic disputes – this is the category of disputes arising from the implementation of economic contracts. Parties to such contracts may be both physical and legal persons. If you do not want to become a party to economic disputes, it is better to contact a lawyer who will help to draw up and formalize the contract in a qualified manner and in accordance with the current legislation, and also be able to give a legal assessment. Otherwise, if the contract is not correct, the parties may have claims to each other in the process of joint activities. In most cases, disputes relate to the protection of property rights and the collection of debt under contracts. The team of specialists of the legal company “Name” will provide you with legal assistance regardless of the subject of the economic dispute.

Lawyer for Economic Affairs

An attorney for business affairs will represent your interests and help to avoid litigation. This category of disputes can be resolved in a pre-trial order, through negotiations, in which the parties designate their position, which results in a consensus. If it did not work out, the matter is settled in court.

It is better to contact a lawyer for business matters before you decide to take independent actions in the case. The lawyer will assess this dispute and help to choose the optimal legal position.

The law firm Marzoni avvocato provides the following services:

– providing consultations and legal analysis of the situation;

– submission of legal opinions;

– legal assessment of contracts;

-representation of interests in court;

-development of legal position in the case;

-preparation of documents necessary for filing a claim in court;

-representation of objections, complaints and petitions in court;

-writing a statement of claim;

-representation of interests in the economic court.

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