Hereditary disputes

The classic plot of many films is a sudden inheritance from a millionaire uncle. In real life of such cases, of course, much less. At the same time, questions of inheritance are relevant for almost every person. Hereditary disputes – a thing not very pleasant, as at this time even close relatives can become the worst enemies. It is important to always remember that such cases should be conducted by an experienced lawyer by inheritance. Only a specialist can understand all inherited nuances and provide expert evaluation of your rights to inheritance. It is worth knowing that hereditary disputes are always individual, and therefore should not be equaled on the history of friends and acquaintances.

Features of hereditary disputes

Very often the heir, who is not versed in legal matters, can become a victim of other heirs. Also, real heirs can be deceived by various scammers. That is why it is always necessary to consult a specialist who will understand all the subtleties of your case.

Legislation of Ukraine determines the term of application for inheritance, during which you can show your rights. If you for any reason missed this deadline, an experienced lawyer will help you to restore the term, will provide assistance in solving this problem. Even if you have followed all the necessary terms, hereditary disputes are not resolved quickly. The advocate will inherit all the procedures related to hereditary disputes – drawing up a statement of claim, collecting the necessary documents, conducting the case and representing your interests in the relevant bodies.

The lawyer by right of succession

Our law firm has extensive experience in managing inherited disputes. Our specialists individually approach each case and help at any stage of pre-trial and judicial proceedings. The attorney is legally ready to provide the following legal services:

• legal advice on types of inheritance (by law, by testament, under a gift or rent contract with lifelong content);

• assistance in drafting wills and gift or rent agreements;

• collection of necessary documents for the inheritance process;

• Appeal of actions of the notary on hereditary cases;

• filing a suit in court and representing the client’s interests in court.

Hereditary affairs are often confused, and the decision of a complex hereditary dispute can be delayed for a long time, so competent advice and legal assistance of an experienced lawyer is simply necessary.

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