The right to private property is protected by law. No one can deprive a property right without a court decision. But in housing relations this right is violated quite often, therefore housing issues require a detailed legislative settlement.

Housing disputes – the most common category of cases, considered by the courts. This is due to the fact that amendments and additions are made to the legislative base for housing legal relations, but in practice they are not used.

Housing disputes most often arise between relatives. This type of cases should be approached not only with knowledge of housing law, but also with rich practice and experience, so as not to damage family relations, and at the same time resolve the dispute in accordance with the current legislation.

Housing Lawyer

A lawyer for housing issues will help to reach a compromise in resolving the housing issue between relatives. Very often, the owners of housing do not know the difference in the rights and obligations of the owner and tenant of housing, what is the difference between these legal categories. This is the need to consult a lawyer on housing issues. There are cases when it is possible to evict the owner from the apartment or the right of ownership or use for housing ceases. The lawyer will help you to understand these issues and provide information on possible methods of solving this problem.

A lawyer in the field of housing relations assists in such matters:

– Drawing up of statements of claim, objections;

– Providing advice on housing law and answers to questions that arise in this area;

Representation of interests in court.

Housing relations are an integral part of life, which plays an important role for a person. That is why it is better to contact an experienced lawyer to solve housing issues.

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