Deprivation of parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights is a measure of responsibility that is applied to parents in cases when other measures can not ensure the full development of children under normal conditions. The decision to deprive the parental rights refers to complex issues, especially for children.

To resolve disputes and issues that arise in the process of depriving parental rights, you should contact a qualified specialist. They will help resolve the issue without delaying its decision before the trial.

The grounds for deprivation of parental rights are fixed by family legislation, in particular the Family Code of Ukraine:

– Evasion of parents from the obligation to educate their children;

– They refuse to develop and teach children;

– Do not take into account the wishes of children in order to fulfill their other rights;

– Leading the parents of an antisocial way of life (Alcoholism, drug addiction, etc);

– Unlawful physical or psychological impact on the child, violence;

– The process of exploitation of the rights of minors.

Deprivation of father’s parental rights

To resolve this issue of depriving the father of the father’s rights, it is required to apply to the court, where the parties are the mother of the child (plaintiff), the mother acts as a plaintiff, and the father as the defendant.

Negative consequences for the party deprived of parental rights will be:

– Deprivation of the right to be related to children;

– Suspension from payment of alimony for each child;

– Prohibition on receiving benefits and child benefits;

– Exception from the process of raising children;

– Deprivation of the right to inherit property and other benefits that belong to or will belong to children.

A lawyer (Advocate) in the sphere of deprivation of parental rights will help you to answer the following related questions:

– What documents are required to collect for the process;

– What is the process of drafting documents?

-How to try to solve the issue without judicial bodies and proceedings;

– How to build a correct legal position in court to the side of the process;

– How correctly to appeal against the decision in higher judicial bodies.

If you are willing to fight for your child and defend your rights to him by participating in his life, contact a lawyer for the deprivation of parental rights.


Division of property of spouse

Division of property of spouses occurs from the moment when spouses cease to conduct joint farming. Divide the property of spouses in several ways: by signing a marriage contract or by signing an agreement on sharing common property.

A lawyer for the division of property can help to compile the necessary documents for the division of property.

Property disputes

Property disputes arise when it is impossible to agree on the division of property by peaceful means. In this case, the section occurs in the court, where the judge estimates the total amount of co-acquired property and determines the shares that will be assigned to the spouses after the divorce.

According to the UK of Ukraine, the shares of spouses in the division of property are equal. In the case of transferring to one of the spouses property, the value of which exceeds the share due by law, the other of the spouses has the right to receive compensation.

To determine the prospects of the case, you need to work out the tactics of behavior in court and analyze the judicial practice in this category of issues. Therefore, it is better to contact a solicitor on the division of property.

The law firm “Marzoni avvocato” is ready to provide the following services:

– provision of advice on the division of property;

– legal assistance in drawing up contracts and agreements on the division of property;

-help in restoring the statute of limitations on the division of property;

-help in preparation for the procedure for the distribution of property;

-help in the preparation of the marriage contract;

-recognition by the common property of the spouses of what previously belonged to one of them (because of the increase in the value of the property due to common investments);

-increase the proportion of the spouse with whom the child will live;

-development of tactics to protect the client’s interests in court;

– The section of the apartment that is in the mortgage;

-section of business, securities.

A qualified staff of lawyers will help you not make mistakes, because of which you can get only a small fraction of the total joint property.



Divorce is considered a difficult process, where it is usually not enough to simply agree on the parties and the lack of questions to each other. Then the divorce is carried out exclusively in court.

This category of cases is resolved only in court in the following cases:

• any party refuses to sign a divorce agreement;

• The man agrees to terminate, but he does not want to go to the registry office;

• There are young children in the family.

Divorce proceedings in Kiev.

Divorce proceedings in Kharkiv

In accordance with the Family Code, any party that applies to the judicial body is a plaintiff, and the other, respectively, is the respondent. The lawsuit is filed for trial by a judge, who is acquainted with the case of termination. If the claim indicates the fact that the spouses have minor incapacitated children, the claim is submitted to the district court for review. The petition is filed, proceeding from the territory of the defendant’s residence or on the registration registration and residence of the property, which he owns when information about his whereabouts is absent.

The plaintiff can file a claim at his own place of residence in such a case:

• when young children live with him;

• if the applicant is unable to arrive at the place of residence of the defendant because of his health;

• mutual consent of both parties.

If a married couple has common children who are not yet 18 years old, or one party does NOT want to file an application with the registrar, the termination is carried out exclusively through the court. In this situation, issues on which one of the parties does not wish to divorce at the administrative level (it is a pity for the time spent on it, determines its requirements, does not take up the phone to formalize the divorce) can not be taken into consideration. It does not matter when the child was born to a couple, the main thing is that he is a common child. The decision to divorce will be made even in a situation where the respondent does not want to accept the summons and is not being declared in court.

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