In our time, there are times when it becomes impossible to solve the problem in a peaceful, pre-trial way. In case of arising, including, arbitration disputes, you will need the help of a legal company, “MARZONI AVVOCATO” which is ready to provide assistance in solving such issues.

Arbitration disputes arise when:

Violation of the terms of contracts;

· Decision making by the municipality or state bodies, violating the rights of the client;

· Committing illegal actions by tax authorities;

Bankruptcy of a legal entity;

· Lack of payment of accounts receivable;

· The recognition of the transaction as invalid.

To solve arbitration disputes of any complexity, you will need the help of qualified lawyers who know the subtleties of these cases, as well as have the experience they have gained. An attorney for arbitration cases will help you understand this problem and leave it at the least expense and loss

Arbitration cases are a category of economic disputes connected with the implementation of entrepreneurial activity, which are considered in the arbitration (Economic) court.

To solve arbitration cases it is necessary to have skills and knowledge of civil, insurance, administrative, tax and financial law and other areas of law. Knowledge of the competition law, procedures of recognition of a legal entity as a bankrupt are especially important.

Legal assistance in arbitration matters includes the following types of services:

– Analysis of documents to resolve the dispute and achieve the client’s goals;

– Preparation of strategy and tactics of conducting business, legal position;

– Collect evidence to improve the client’s position;

-Preparation and submission in court of the necessary procedural documents;

– Drawing up a suit and objection in the case;

– Representation of the client’s interests in court, including in the appellate and cassation instance;

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