Labor disputes most often arise between employees and the employer in matters of labor activity. Such questions arise about the payment of labor, labor regulations, labor discipline and dismissal. An employer and a hired worker can raise such questions, and they often become a matter of dispute in the courts.

If there is a situation in which you are unlawfully liable for you or do not pay wages in accordance with the terms established by the labor legislation, you need to assert your rights, and not be silent and agree with such violations. Analyzing the judicial practice, the court in most cases makes a judgment in favor of the employees of the enterprise on condition that the claim is properly compiled. In this case, an experienced lawyer for labor law will help you.

Disputes are divided into 2 types:

• Individual labor disputes;

• collective labor disputes.

Individual labor disputes

An individual labor dispute should be understood as a disagreement on the application of legislative norms between the employer and the employee.

This type of dispute can be considered by a special commission on labor disputes, as well as in a judicial procedure.

Collective labor disputes

When a collective labor dispute, questions arise about disagreement with the opinion of the elected bodies of the working collective when adopting local norms, and also in matters related to working conditions. This kind of disputes is considered by state structures.

A lawyer for labor law will help protect your interests and carry out the following actions:

– providing consultations and interpreting the norms of labor legislation;

– negotiations with the employer;

-help in the writing of statements of claim and complaints in violation of rights;

-representation of interests in court.

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