Legal situations are different. Sometimes you need a full-fledged case by a lawyer for a positive outcome of the process, in other cases, a lawyer’s help is needed only when drafting a statement of claim.

A claim is a specific procedural document that is submitted to a court to resolve a certain category of issues. The application sets out the requirements for the protection of violated rights and interests of the plaintiff in a compulsory manner.

Writing claim

Drawing up a statement of claim is not such a simple procedure as it might seem at first glance. In the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine there is a certain list of requirements that must necessarily be contained in the statement of claim. Otherwise – if there is a discrepancy between the application form established by law – the statement of claim is returned.

Lawyers of JC “Marzoni avvocato” assist in writing the statement of claim in accordance with all procedural requirements of the law.

The writing of the application includes the preparation of all necessary documents, as well as the collection of missing documents.

The process of preparation of the statement of claim consists of several stages:

1. Defining the Respondent: very often at this stage errors are allowed.

2. Development of tactics of protection.

3. Determination of claims of the plaintiff.

4. Determination of the price of the claim.

5. Writing the text of the statement: the text should refer to the norms of the law, and they not only need to be found, but also correctly explained. In this case, only a lawyer will help you.

Counsel will provide the following services:

• writing a statement of claim;

• examination of case materials necessary for preparation of the claim;

• filing an application with a court;

• preparation of photocopies of the claim and attached documents.

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