Notary, Notary services in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine, notarization of contracts

Performing notarial actions in Ukraine is entrusted to notaries working in public notary offices, state notarial archives (public notaries) or engaged in private notarial activities (private notaries).

The notary in Ukraine is a system of bodies and officials charged with certifying rights as well as facts of legal significance and performing other notarial acts provided for in this Law with a view to giving them legal certainty.

In settlements where there are no notaries, notary actions are carried out by authorized officials of the executive committees of rural, settlement, city Soviets of People’s Deputies.

Performing notarial actions abroad is entrusted to the consular institutions of Ukraine, and in cases provided by the current legislation, to diplomatic representatives of Ukraine.

The certificate of wills and powers of attorney, equated to notarial, can be produced by persons specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Notary”.

The law firm “Marzoni avvocato” provides a full list of notary services, in particular:

·        Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney

·        Marriage contract

·        Lifelong Content Contract

·        Contract of sale

·        The contract of gift

·        Lease contract

·        Loan agreement (loan)

·        Pledge agreement

·        Certificate of wills

·        Mortgage agreement

·        Certificate of constituent documents of enterprises

·        Executive inscription

·        Consent of the spouse or co-owner to alienate or purchase property

·        Certificate of alienation agreements for shares in common property of spouses

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