Pre-trial settlement of a dispute is a process that allows resolving disputes without intervention of the judicial system on contractual grounds. This settlement takes place through a contractual process in which one party submits claims backed up legally, and the other party responds with an argument backed by reasoning and motivation

Often, the claim part includes:

-requirement of recovery of material damage

– loss of profits

-exploration of moral harm

-argumented penalties, interest for the performance or failure of the other party to perform certain actions.

Thoroughly think over all options for pre-trial dispute resolution will help a qualified lawyer specializing in such matters, who will be able to help you in conducting business correspondence.

A lawyer will help you:

– Evaluate the chances of settling a dispute with the maximum benefit for you.

– legally competently form a claim or an objection to it.

– Evaluate the legal risks of dispute settlement.

– Evaluate the prospects of this dispute in a possible judicial procedure.

Pre-trial settlement of the dispute is the best time to conclude a settlement agreement, on the best terms for the Client.

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