Protection of property rights – provision of services on matters arising from arbitration disputes between legal entities and on the distribution of property and the right to these objects between citizens.

The interested party can choose the way of protection of the property right independently. To do this, it is necessary to apply to the court to restore the violated property right or to recognize the property right.

Using the protection of land ownership rights, you will be able to defend your rights to use and dispose of the land, concluding transactions of purchase and sale, exchange and giving of land that belongs to you by right of ownership. It should be noted that the protection of property rights to housing provides for the protection of the rights and freedoms of the owner of housing in a judicial system.

A lawyer for the protection of property rights will help in residential matters:

– Provide advice and assistance in drawing up contracts related to housing (buying, selling, renting, eight);

– Representing the client’s interests in court on issues of eviction and resettlement of citizens;

– Providing advice on privatization of residential premises;

– Assistance in solving issues of obtaining a living quarters in the inheritance.

Protection of property rights for real estate involves seeking qualified help from a lawyer on the refusal to register property rights, or selling a house with an unauthorized annex.

Advocate for the protection of property rights must first familiarize themselves with the case materials in order to draw up an action or objections to the claim, determine the client’s protection strategy in court. The lawyer will provide legal assistance on the protection of property rights, help you choose the best method of protection, using the facts of the case, and help in collecting the necessary documents that will be presented to the court as evidence.

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