Land disputes are certain disagreements of a legal nature related to the rights and interests of the participants in land relations. It should be noted that the right of ownership includes the right to use, own and manage property of the subjects of land relations. But, as a rule, even if a person owns a land plot on legal grounds, there are no guarantees that he will not have land disputes over his possessions.

The reasons for land disputes are as follows:

• the property right is executed with infringements of norms of the current legislation of Ukraine;

• the right to use the site is improperly executed;

• the land was transferred to illegal use of third parties;

• the rules of good-neighborliness have been violated;

• the right of limited use of the site was violated;

• The land plot is used with violations of the lease agreement;

• causing intentional or negligent material damage to the owner and user of the land plot.

Resolution of land disputes

Do you have any disputes over the contracts for the sale of land or you want to appeal it? In this case, it is better not to waste time on clarifying the relationship, but to turn to a qualified lawyer who will help you in resolving land disputes.

The decision of land disputes with the help of a qualified lawyer for land disputes is simply necessary. Thus, when a dispute arises concerning the unlawful actions of local governments in the division or seizure of a plot, or with the right of inheritance, many nuances arise that can decide the outcome of the dispute. Particularly important is the role of the lawyer in the execution of transactions, because only a lawyer can competently draw up an agreement in accordance with the norms of land legislation of Ukraine, and also explain to you the norms of land legislation.

Service list:

• Providing advice;

• provision of legal opinions on land issues;

• assistance in the preparation of legal documents;

• the possibility of pre-trial settlement of the dispute;

• Representation of interests in courts, state bodies;

• case management within the framework of enforcement proceedings.

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