Legal support of business today is one of the main factor when escorting
enterprises. This is due to the fact that if a violation of legal norms for a
legal entity comes legal responsibility, which can be costly, unprofitable and
lead to bankruptcy.

Support of enterprises

To avoid such a
case, competent support of enterprises is necessary, legal support from an
experienced lawyer. Therefore, most of the owners of large companies are
interested in such activities, because this is, above all, legal security,
which will help reduce financial risks and avoid losses.

Legal support of business

With the legal
support of the business, the specialist provides the following services:

– providing advice
on the proper application and interpretation of legal norms in the field of
civil, labor, tax and corporate legal relations;

-development and
conclusion of contracts, their analysis, maintenance of claim work, signing of
a protocol of disagreements and other transactions;

– the conduct of
negotiations with partners, the resolution of conflict situations of a legal

-regulation of
issues of accounts receivable / payable in pre-trial order;

-work with
corporate documentation of the company, making proposals for changing the
primary documentation.

Legal support of business can be carried out in two ways: to hire a
lawyer on a regular basis or to periodically use the services of a qualified

The second option
is optimal and less expensive for the company in terms of taxation.

The team of
qualified lawyers of the law firm “Marzoni avvocato” provides the
following services in legal support of business:

– Legal support of the enterprise when concluding contracts;

– submission of
legal assessments related to the functioning of the enterprise;

– regulation of
labor disputes;

– Settlement of disputes over the credit indebtedness of counterparties;

-analysis of corporate documentation.

Full-time attorney Legal company

One employee who can not be professional in all branches of law The presence of a team of highly
qualified specialists from various branches of law

Execution of several simultaneously assigned tasks with significant time expenditures.
Operative solution of tasks

Payment of wages,
incl. Calculation of all compulsory taxes and fees Fixed in the contract amount
of remuneration for legal services. Reduction of the amount of income tax due
to registration of payment for company services in the item of expenses

employee guarantees provided by the current labor legislation No additional guarantees,
the relationship is clearly settled in the contract for subscription service

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