Most often, entrepreneurs began to appeal to the court to appeal actions and decisions of tax authorities in order to protect the rights of taxpayers. Analysis of practice shows that in most cases, tax disputes in court are decided in favor of taxpayers.

According to the tax legislation, the payer has the right to appeal against the decision of the tax inspection to bring to responsibility for committing a tax offense within 10 days. In practice, tax disputes in courts, the tax authority considering the appeal, leaves the decision of the subordinate body in force.

Assistance in tax disputes

Tax disputes can be won only in the case of the provision of documents that are evidence in the case and confirm the economic activities of the enterprise and the economic validity of the transaction. Otherwise, the decision is made in favor of the tax authority.

Lawyer for tax disputes

A qualified attorney for tax disputes will provide legal assistance in resolving issues relating to tax authorities in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.

The attorney provides qualified assistance in the following matters:

• invalidation of the decision of the tax authority on issues of tax liability;

• disputes regarding the inactivity of tax authorities;

• challenging tax sanctions.

The lawyer will assist in drafting the following procedural documents:

• An application for the restoration of a missed period;

• a statement on the challenge of the judge;

• application for imposing administrative sanctions;

• writing of complaints to the bailiff service.

Assistance in tax disputes is provided by a lawyer who will protect the rights and interests of taxpayers in the event of a tax dispute.

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